Wednesday 7:30 PM - w/Brittany
Saturday 9:30 AM - w/ Brittany

The perfect class to start your Yoga Journey!  This class offers an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga, starting with introducing breathing techniques and a breakdown of yoga poses.  You will learn to link your breath with movement in a vinyasa style class.  This class will introduce you to the magic of yoga and give you the tools to build your own personal practice.  

Rise nā€™ Shine Yoga

Thursday 6:30AM - w/ Brittany

Start your day with a soothing yoga practice. In this class we will do a light vinyasa flow, suitable for all levels. We will also incorporate for more stretching and deeper breathing to wake up our body and mind to set us up for a good day!

***Due to the early hour of this class, students must preregister by 8PM Wednesday night. While walk-ins are always welcome if there are no students preregistered by 8PM Wednesday this class will be cancelled for that morning***

Yoga Breakdown by Candlelight

Monday 7:30 PM - w/ Brittany

Every Journey begins somewhere.  Whether you are a newer yogi or have been practicing for years; this class will benefit all.  In this 75 minute experience we will breakdown yoga poses to acquire a better understanding of alignment and transitions.  This class will breakdown Thursday nights Slow Flow; giving the opportunity to learn the flow first so you will be more comfortable and ready to flow if you choose to attend on Thursday.  With the added bonus of candlelight this class will bring you both relaxation and a solid foundation.  

Find connection between breath and movement allowing you to create balance of mind and body.  Through creative flows and transitions you will access your own uniqueness and enhance your confidence.  In slowing down the practice we are then able to mindfully move and feel each posture to its full capacity.  

Slow Flow by Candlelight

Thursday 7:30 PM - w/ Brittany

This moderately paced class is good for all yogis, from beginners to advanced.  You will connect your movement to your breath throughout this energizing flow, while increasing your strength, balance, flexibility, and mental focus.  At the end of each class we will slow down and recharge through some seated poses before relaxing in savasana.  Modifications and alignment cues will be given throughout class, making it accessible to everyone. 

All Levels Vinyasa

Wednesday 6:00 PM - w/ Brittany
Thursday 6:00 PM - w/ Melissa

Slow Flow and Meditation begins with a peaceful slow paced vinyasa flow.  This 45 minute flow will gently create space within through; stretching, lengthening and energizing your body.  This class allows plenty of time to connect the breath with the body in each pose.  The class ends with a 10-15 minute meditation, giving us time to look inward by reflecting and reconnecting mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Slow Flow and Meditation

Tuesday 7:00 PM - w/ Alina

Kids Yoga

Saturday 11:00 AM - w/ Brittany

Looking for a fun addition to your Saturday? Come join Brittany for a fun family style yoga class.  Your child will enjoy 45 minutes of partner yoga, games, activities, original Kidding Around Yoga Music, stories and so much more. Kids Yoga with Brittany is geared towards children between the ages of 5-10 but all are welcome. The benefits of yoga for kids are incredible and include; minimizing stress and teaching children how to be calm, increase in self-esteem, reduction in allergy and asthmatic symptoms, and so much more. 

Mellow Morning

Thursday 9:00 AM - w/ Brittany

A 60 minute slow flow vinyasa geared towards our morning yogis that want a more gentle start to their day.  You will leave this class with a sense of peace and calm.  This class is good for all levels.  

Mighty Morning

Tuesday 9:00 AM - w/ Brittany

A 60 minute vinyasa flow geared towards our morning yogis.  Come start your day with a creative fun filled flow to get you energized and ready to go.  This class is good for our more intermediate yogis.  

Empowering Flow

Monday 6:00 PM - w/ Brittany

Feel the power from within yourself allowing you to find freedom to connect with the mind and body. Finding the strength from within yourself to guide you through this powerful practice but always listening to what are right for you and your body.