Kids Have Stress Too....

Whether you realize it or not children suffer from stress & anxiety just as much as their parents.  Growing up in a fast paced world filled with busy parents, bullying, and pressures from school, sports, and fitting in is having a profound impact on the Happiness of our children.  More often than not adults, so overcome by their own stresses; unintentionally overlook this.  Finding awareness of anxiety and stress is the first step to instilling more confidence and self-esteem and therefore creating Happier & Healthier children.  

“May the whole world be filled with peace and joy, love and light...and lots of peaceful children!”
— Kidding Around Yoga

Benefits of Kids Yoga

  • Increase Strength and Coordination
  • Better body awareness
  •  Children learn tools to help them understand and process their emotions
  • Build a sense of peace & calm
  • Increase focus & concentration
  • Enhance their self-esteem & confidence